DTU Beyond Borders is the gateway to the world for all students at DTU!

Use the front page to search for exchange abroad options and to learn much more about each destination available to you.

You can (with a very few exceptions) apply for any destination you can find in the database, but be sure to research what makes sense for you. To help you out, we have added a number of search filters, so that you can look at particular regions of the world, filter based on you GPA at the time of application, whether or not you are required to sign up for a language test. And most importantly, you can pick your DTU study programme to get a list of universities that has been picked out as relevant to you, in collaboration with your heads of studies.

Pay particular attention to

GPA (karaktergennemsnit) – the GPA listed is based on previous experiences but as the number of applicants and the number spots differ from year to year, it is impossible to predict exactly how it going to be this time around. Use the listed GPA as an estimation of what is realistic, but there’s no guarantees unfortunately. That many of our agreements are with a specific faculty, school or department. If so, you are usually expected to follow courses within that department. Sometimes taking courses at other parts of the universities can be possible – and if it is, you should be able to find that on the university page.The academic calendar of the universities you are interested in, so that it can fit your studies at DTU.

Need to know more?

You are always welcome to look at our webpage www.studyabroad.dtu.dk and to contact us on international@adm.dtu.dk.

DTU Beyond Borders is administrated by Office of International Education at DTU.​​​​​​